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As a life skill, swimming allows children to explore their world confidently, beyond being an enjoyable activity. Researchers have shown that regular swimming enhances concentration and learning in daily activities by increasing oxygen delivery to the brain. Our mission at GoogleSwim Singapore is to make swimming a fun and lifelong experience. Swimming is our passion, and we strive to inspire our students to share our enthusiasm for the sport.

The national curriculum includes swimming as one of the most important life skills. From recreational and competitive swimming to open water adventures, swimming is one of the most popular sports in the country.

Become SwimSafer Certified

With GoogleSwim, we teach essential swimming skills to children in a fun, engaging and enjoyable manner. Upon becoming proficient in swimming, children can complete the SwimSafer assessment, which develops essential water survival skills. With this certification, you can achieve even more aquatic achievements and opportunities 


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Why GoogleSwim Swimming Lessons

There are a lot of benefits that you can take advantage of when you use GoogleSwim Singapore. With decades of experience providing swimming lessons for kids throughout Singapore, GoogleSwim is one of the top private swimming lesson providers on Google.

Unique Teaching Methods

Due to the delicate nature of children’s swimming lessons, our coaches undergo intensive training before they are deployed to teach your kids. Aside from that, our professional team monitors their performance on a regular basis, so that you can rest assured that your children are receiving nothing but the best.

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First Kid Swimming Lessons

Most young children experience nervousness during their first lesson in the pool. In addition to developing swimming skills, our swimming coaches are well-versed in building relationships and trust with children. A professional diagnosis is then conducted during the one-time trial session to determine the child’s abilities and limitations. You will be informed of your child’s progress after every lesson, as we communicate our individualized plans for them.

The Learn To Swim Process

Become a proficient swimmer (SwimSafer)

Beginner Stage (1 Month)​

GoogleSwim Singapore SwimSafer
  • Water Safety
  • Breathing Technique Inside The Pool
  • Basic Stroke Introduction


Intermediate Stage (6 Months)​

GoogleSwim Singapore SwimSafer Learn to Swim
  • Basic front & back strokes
  • Treading water
  • Passing of Swimsafer Tests (Level 1-2)

Advance Stage (6 - 12 Months)​

Good swimmer
  • All 4 strokes – Breaststroke, Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly
  • To swim for 100 meters continuously
  • Basic Lifesaving skills Swimsafer Test level 3, Bronze, Silver, and Gold

Our Testimonials

What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

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My best experience with a coach in Singapore has been with Coach Joshua. He had such an efficient and thorough way of coaching. I felt that my sons had missed out on essential swimming basics in all the other lessons they have taken with other coaches. After just a week of weekly lessons, my son's progress was phenomenal. He refined his strokes, swam with good speed, and was able to refine his strokes. During our visit from Sweden to Singapore, we had this coach for just four days, and I am amazed at the difference in results in just four lessons. It would be my pleasure to recommend Joshua if you are looking for speedy progress. Definitely worth the money.
Evan Toh
Evan Toh
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Coach Alex was already our first instructor for my daughter. I greatly appreciated his patience and ability to relate to my daughter. In addition to bringing toys and engaging with my daughter, he made swimming fun for her every time. Coach Alex is very good with young toddlers and teaches them in a systematic manner so that they can master all stages. It is safe to say that your child is in good hands with him as a coach. Recommend highly.
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At the age of almost 50, I never learned how to swim. I have a fear of water. Coach Aaron and I are having our first session in swimming today. The session lasted 45 minutes. It is a pleasure for me to report that I have learned how to do a short distance of breast stroke. The experience was enjoyable, informative, and fulfilling. After the class, I felt more confident and excited to practice more, and I look forward to the next class. I initially felt low self-esteem, but I felt more confident and excited to practice more after the class as well as after the next class. Swimming is something everyone should learn! In addition to making your holidays on beaches, resorts, and sea more enjoyable, it also boosts your confidence. My sincere thanks go out to Coach Aaron!
Sharon Ong
Sharon Ong
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Coach Sarah teaching methods are one my daughter can grasp well, and she enjoys all her lessons with him. Since switching to Coach Sarah, she has gained a lot of water confidence and always looks forward to swim class!​ Highly recommend coaches from GoogleSwim!
Joanne Lee
Joanne Lee
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Coach Marc is very dedicated to coaching. His goal was to ensure my son hit the timing for gold by swimming with the correct strokes. My son is encouraged by him using motivational tools that are right for him. ​You will never go wrong with GoogleSwim coaches.
Mike Young
Mike Young
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The Google search engine brought me to GoogleSwim. I appreciated Jenny prompt response to my queries and her assistance in finding a coach to suit my kids' needs. Coach Darren is superb and patient in handling young children. ​

Kids Swimming Lesson Fees

1 to 1

4 Lessons


Promo $300

$75 Per lesson
 Lesson Duration : 45mins

1 to 2

4 Lessons


Promo $340

$42.5/child per lesson
Lesson Duration : 45mins

1 to 3

4 Lessons


Promo $420

$35/child per lesson
Lesson Duration : 45mins

Group Session (4-8Pax)

4 Lessons


Promo $120

$30/child per lesson
Lesson Duration : 45mins

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